DurhamWorks Achievement Awards 2018

May 30, 2018

Well done to our brilliant DurhamWorks staff Vic and Mary for being nominated for the Inspirational Mentor Award at DurhamWorks Achievement Awards. Nominations for this award were made by DurhamWorks young people. It recognised the hard work that the staff, volunteers, employers, trainers and mentors put into helping young people succeed in achieving their goals. Mentors can make a huge difference to young people by providing advice, support, being good role models and ultimately inspiring young people to make positive changes.

Mary won the award walking away with a shiny new trophy! The young people who nominated her said: “Her support has made me realise that I can do things. Her maternal approach empowered me to feel confident that my expectations were not unreasonable and she made me feel like I finally had someone on my side. She was so welcoming and really understood and pushed me to reveal the more confident parts of myself that I didn’t actually think I was capable of. She does not allow me to give up.”

All of our staff do amazing work with the DurhamWorks participants helping them to gain confidence and realise their own potential.


It was lovely to see 3 of our participants being nominated for awards, Jasmine, Andrew & Jade. Andrew was nominated for not just one but 3 awards! Congratulations to Jade who received a highly commended award as an Inspirational Individual. This award celebrated those young people who have been able to transform their lives and the lives of others as a result of their involvement in DurhamWorks. These young people have overcome multiple barriers and this award highlights the remarkable individuals whose stories of learning and development on DurhamWorks have inspired others to make positive life changes.

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