Our lockdown service

May 18, 2020

During lockdown, we have continued to deliver our service to those who need our help.  Although our offices are closed for face-to-face advice, we are here to help you over the phone.  Here are a few ways in which we can help you and some positive stories and feedback we have received from our clients.

Not only do we give advice, we have support programmes too like DurhamWorks and Reach Out Across Durham (ROAD).  For further information visit https://www.citizensadvicecd.org.uk/durhamworks/ https://www.citizensadvicecd.org.uk/road/



A Client had four children and had no cooker for two weeks, only a microwave to prepare food with.  We arranged a grant for a new cooker which had been delivered. The Client was absolutely delighted with the news and was very grateful and appreciative of the help and support we gave.

A Client who was on furlough at 80% of a part time wage needed help with food.  We arranged for this through a foodbank.  The Client stated he was grateful and appreciates it as it was lovely.

An eldery Client called about a pension query.  The Client was a little nervous of using the telephone but once we explained that we would just be asking a few questions so that we could help, the Client felt at ease and thanked us for still being at work to be able to help.

A participant on our Reach Out Across Durham (ROAD) programme mentioned when we were completing a budget planner that she was paying almost £30 for her prescriptions every 3 months. We used the NHS eligibility checker to confirm the Client was entitled to free prescriptions and we shared with her how to find and use this tool in the future should her circumstances change.

A Client needed advice about what would happen once her sick pay from work ended as she was struggling to manage her day to day expenses and had a couple of debts too. What benefits, including extra benefits due to health issues, was discussed with the Client together debt advice. The Client now has an increase in income and has no debt.

A Client was very anxious about having to make digital claim at home as he had not used computers before.  We were able to coordinate completing a non digital claim through Department of Works and Pension where other eligible additional payments were identified.

Thanks was given from a participant on our Reach Out Across Durham (ROAD) programme because in 2018 she’d learnt some digital skills and was now able to do her grocery shop online during lockdown as her nearest supermarket was 15 miles away.

A Client indicated that they felt Citizens Advice was doing a grand job at helping people during the coronavirus outbreak because they could still get the advice they needed.


A full range of services can be found https://www.citizensadvicecd.org.uk/about/what-we-do/

Please do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact details on  https://www.citizensadvicecd.org.uk/help/phone-numbers/

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