Using Survey Monkey – Surveys by CACD – Our Privacy Policy

How we collect your data

We conduct local surveys through our trusted partner, Survey Monkey. We keep your details securely on their system.

We may ask you to provide your contact details such as name, email or phone number. This is optional and you can complete a survey anonymously if you want to.

We gain this data through consent by asking you to tick a consent box within the survey.


What information we ask for

We only ask for the information we require to conduct the survey.

As part of our membership survey monkey may collect additional information.

Respondents are subject to Survey Monkey Privacy policy and Cookie policy which can be found on their website.


How we use your information

We use this information to improve our services, resources and facilities. We will explain why we are collecting information on the first page of the survey.

If we have requested your contact details we may get in touch about your feedback if we need to. We only access your information for other reasons if we really need to – for example, to investigate complaints.


How we store your information

Your information is stored securely on our own internal systems. All volunteers and staff who access your data have had data protection training to make sure your information is handled sensitively and securely.


How we share your information

We may share anonymised survey results with third parties, we will never share your contact details or name without requesting express permission from you.

The survey itself is provided by our trusted partner Survey Monkey.

We keep your feedback indefinitely, but we’ll delete your personal details after 2 years – this includes your name, contact details


Contact us about your data

You can contact us at any time and ask us:

  • what information we’ve stored about you
  • to change or update your details
  • to delete your details from our records

Send us a message at

Or call us on 0191 3726702, we may not be able to answer your call immediately but you can leave a voicemail.


If you want to make a complaint

If you’re not happy with how we’ve handled your data, you can make a complaint.