Newton Aycliffe office update

July 9, 2021

The Covid 19 lockdown has allowed us to evaluate how we deliver our services. Although we have been successful in delivering advice by telephone and digital channels, our data shows that the residents of County Durham still want to access face to face advice.

However, we live in uncertain times and we must ensure that we are able to adapt to what the future brings us in order for the organisation to be sustainable and continue to deliver the advice services that people in the county need.

The nature of the lease in our office in Newton Aycliffe is that we had an opportunity to invoke a break clause and would not have that opportunity for another 5 years.  Not invoking the break clause at this time could limit the available options for us in the short to medium term.

I must stress we are not withdrawing from Newton Aycliffe and will continue to offer advice to people living in the town and surrounding areas. The staff based in this office will continue to be operational as job roles and physical offices are not co-dependent. The Covid pandemic has prevented us from delivering face to face advice but as we exit lockdown, we are investigating ways of delivering face to face advice in Newton Aycliffe and will continue with our outreach services in the surrounding areas once premises are open and Covid secure. Once alternative plans are finalised, we will communicate with all parties to ensure that our advice services are accessible as possible.


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