Why Volunteer

The demand on our service is ever-increasing and therefore, the need to continuously recruit volunteers is essential.

Why volunteer for us?

We are a charity made up of volunteers and paid staff who help deliver the services we provide to those who need us most.  See more at What we do and About us or watch this helpful short video here

We are friendly and welcoming and strive to work in an environment where everyone feels valued, appreciated and part of a team.  We are committed to equality and diversity and offer a range of opportunities to people of all ages and backgrounds to find challenging and rewarding opportunities which reflects availability, objectives, ambitions and passions.

Our comprehensive team fully supports volunteers by providing necessary training and development as well as continuously offering support and supervision.

We promote good mental health and have bronze status in The Better Health at Work Awards which recognises the efforts of employers in addressing health issues within the workplace. We frequently run fun activities for our volunteers and paid staff to get involved with if they wish and have clubs such as book, keep fit, film and photography.

The benefits of volunteering for us

There are many benefits to volunteering for us.  Here are a few examples;

  • develop or learn a new skill, broaden knowledge or utilise experience,
  • gain confidence and self-esteem
  • improve employability. Volunteering for us provides skills and experience that is valued by many employers.  Some of our staff started as volunteers including some of our managers.
  • the reward from being able to help people,
  • get to know or to give something back to the community,
  • try something different,
  • meet new people and make friends whilst helping us deliver our critical services,
  • a chance to socialise.

Click to see our latest opportunities. Should you be interested in volunteering for something not currently advertised we’d still like to hear from you, or if you would like more information or an informal chat please complete the form in volunteer now.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time do I have to commit to the service?
    The minimum is 8-10 hours per week
  • Do I get paid for my travel expenses?
  • Am I able to work from home and do you provide equipment?
    Yes if you are part of the remote working project
  • I have children, am I able to volunteer in term time only?
    Yes, although we may expect more hours from you during the school term
  • How long does the training take?
    It depends on how many hours you can commit but on average it takes 12 weeks
  • Am I required to self study?
    Yes, the initial training is a mix of self-study and observations