A volunteer’s poem from Liz

June 3, 2020

It’s great to hear that volunteers find working with us so rewarding.

Here’s a wonderful poem from Liz Masshedar, one of our volunteers at our Peterlee office.

I retired at 60, so what should I do?

The sun,  it was shining, the sky was so blue.

I travelled abroad, I sat on the beach.

Anything’s better than having to teach!

My former Headmaster said “Try C.A.B

It’s very rewarding.” I said I would see.

I learned about benefits, housing and work.

It’s very demanding, but I didn’t shirk!

I met lots of people, I helped quite a few.

I sorted their problems, got thank-you cards, too.

I’ve wonderful colleagues, who’ll always help  out.

I know I can ask them when I am in doubt. 

I’ve worked there for 9 years, I’ve made lots of friends.

And can’t wait to see them, when this lockdown ends! ?



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