Fuel Poverty Awareness day

November 27, 2020

This winter will be one of the most difficult in living memory. Lockdown and increasing unemployment will create a situation where more people are forced to spend time in homes that they can’t afford to heat. Many people will use more, pay more and owe more, while earning considerably less.

The same health conditions impacted by cold indoor temperatures will place people at greater risk of covid-19 and coping strategies which people normally employ to get through the winter months, such as only having one heated room for the family to socialise in, could also increase the spread of infection. This not only threatens even more lives but hampers collective efforts to reduce infection and prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed.

This Fuel Poverty Awareness Day we will be doing all we can to raise awareness of the problem, call for greater action, and highlight the existing help and support available.

Please get in touch should you need any advice.

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