Lockdown poem

May 4, 2020

A poem from Mags, our Help to Claim Universal Support Supervisor



Being in lockdown is pretty tough,

most of us feeling we’ve had enough,

our houses are spotless, gardens neat,

cars in the garage or parked in the street.


Frontline workers are doing their best,

helping many, supporting the rest,

our NHS have got it the worst,

selflessly putting all of us first.


Everyone has their struggles to face,

this is a marathon, not a race,

supporting each other, the best we can,

community spirit is amazing man.


Not matter what or who you are,

keep on talking and we’ll go far,

we’re stronger than we ever knew,

there’s always someone there for you.


COVID-19 you won’t beat us,

we’ll battle on, with minimal fuss,

take on-board the advice that’s there,

then better times, we all will share.


Once this is over, they’ll be great joy,

men, women, children, girl or boy,

be strong, stay safe & be brave,

do as we’re told & lives we’ll save.


Our new normal is going to be strange,

many lives this disease will change,

keep on going until this is through,

god bless, take care, best wishes to you.