Council tax refunds

April 14, 2022

This is an update on the Council tax rebate and when it will be paid.

County Durham

Have any payments been made yet? No.

When will they be made? Potentially from the end of this week for direct debit payers.

What happening if you don’t pay by direct debit? The council is writing to residents who do not pay by direct debit, to let them know how to access it.

What do the council say about it? Mary Readman, Durham County Council’s head of transactional and customer services, said: “We are currently testing the software that will be used to make payments into the bank accounts of residents who have direct debits in place for their Council Tax, with a view to beginning to make payments in this way from the end of next week. In line with Government guidance, we are making the payments to those set up with direct debits after their first payment for this financial year has been made, meaning those who have set up direct debits to start in May will receive their payments from then.


Have any payments been made yet? Potentially starting today.

When will they be made? 11-29 April for those paying by direct debit. Week starting 25 April for those who have just started to pay by direct debit.


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